Explained the disappearance of the “British Atlantis”


Объяснено исчезновение «британской Атлантиды»According to experts, the land was flooded in consequence of the gradual sea level rise.

Experts from the University of York and Imperial College London explained the reason for the disappearance of the “British Atlantis” (Doggerland). This plot of land in the Mesolithic was located in the southern part of the North sea and connects the British Isles with Eurasia.

In the study, scientists simulated the impact of landslides, Storegga on the formation of tsunamis in the Mediterranean sea, which could lead to flooding of Doggerland. However, they concluded that the tsunami would have reached a height of 9 meters would flood and not more than 35 percent of the land.

Thus, for the complete destruction of Doggerland storm was not enough, and experts came to the conclusion that the most probable is the gradual rise in sea level.

It is known that land-based Doggerland more than 8 thousand years ago people lived. However, she is notable for its rich flora and fauna. This land is currently in the North sea are sand Bank called Dogger Bank. The sea depth in this area ranges from 20 to 30 meters.


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