Experts dispel common myths about the properties of fat


Эксперты развеяли распространенные мифы о свойствах сала

A long time ago, there is a perception that fat is extremely dangerous to health. Due to the fact that too fat, it supposedly can raise cholesterol in the blood and thereby cause irreparable harm to human health. But the famous Romanian nutritionist named Michael Bilik said something amazing about this food product, as previously suspected.

It turns out that fat is extremely useful for human health, and in its properties it can even compare with salmon and olive oil. The man claims that lard is not as dangerous for those who have high cholesterol in the blood. There are a lot of healthy fatty acids which are necessary for human health. It would not be surprising it may sound, but in fact, the percentage of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids in fat a lot more than saturated.

Эксперты развеяли распространенные мифы о свойствах салаIn other words, lard is a natural source of healthy fats. So it is worth adding to your diet and not be afraid of this. This is particularly useful food if consumed moderately, but regularly. It helps to strengthen the immune system.

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Moreover, the fat has acid called arachidonic. So it helps to reduce the level of dangerous cholesterol in the blood. In other words, a substance protects against many diseases. Fat is extremely useful in small amounts for heart health, blood vessels, circulatory system.

Эксперты развеяли распространенные мифы о свойствах салаIt stimulates blood flow, strengthens the heart muscle and even does the heartbeat. But that’s not all “magical” properties of the food product. Fat even helps with pain in the joints, and also reduces intoxication after drinking alcoholic beverages. In other words, bacon is now a popular drug that helps with many diseases. So you just need to eat every day, but in small, reasonable quantities.

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