ESports will invest 500 million rubles


The development Fund of Internet initiatives, further FRÍA, announced plans to invest in the development of eSports in the country large sums of money. The project Fund was launched in partnership with the leadership of the computer club M19. In the plans of the initiators of the movement is to collect as much as 500 million rubles in the next year and a half.

All the money will be invested in eSports, and applications from those wishing to invest in this sector FDII is already taking and will continue to do so until 28 February of the current year. 7 June of the same year the first part of the sum will go to the development of the industry. But collecting the right amount of money is only one of the two main challenges faced by FRII, currently the Fund is looking for startups and companies whose design and technology will bring eSports to a whole new level, ideally to the level of this sport.

First FRÍA are interested in companies able to develop an algorithm for analyzing and processing data on the behaviour of the player, as well as to create a platform to conduct virtual events. We will add that in many countries the popularity of eSports is growing every day and an increasing number of young people prefer to him, rather than the traditional sports.


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