Enhanced smartphone Aermoo M2 built camera PureView


The Chinese company Aermoo conducted a preliminary announcement of its new smartphone M2 that stands out from the rest as it is stylish and at the same time a reinforced hull. The main advantages of this model include the camera’s is two dual module PureView with Carl Zeiss optics.

At the time of pre-screening characteristics of the smartphone Aermoo M2 remained unknown, as well as its cost and receipt date in sale. Revealed some details about it: in particular, its body is protected by standard IP68, which allows him to be in the water at the depth of 2 meters for 60 minutes, plus he is not afraid of falling from a relatively large (for mobile electronics) altitude.

Inside Aermoo M2 is hidden battery capacity of 5000 mAh, which in theory, with proper optimization, can provide up to three days of battery life. As mentioned before the cameras, a module consists of the matrices 16 and 8 MP, while the rear is located a sensor with a resolution of 16 and 13 megapixels. The manufacturer also mentioned the presence of Aermoo M2 screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9, but it can not be called frameless – frame of the display is, and they’re large enough.


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