El Salvador is ready to mint red-hot lava Bitcoins


El Salvador is going to mine bitcoin on top of volcanoes. President Nayib Bukele shares new images through his Twitter account.

Within the borders of El Salvador are dozens of volcanoes. Some of them are capable of generating geothermal energy. With that energy, you can power mining hardware.

Bitcoin (BTC) has been a legal means of payment in El Salvador since 7 September. Bukele’s full on BTC. In addition to ATMs and various public services such as a wallet, they also want to use the natural energy sources in the country.

This bitcoin mining farm should eventually start running. The biggest challenge is to process the energy. If the country has (already) resolved this issue, there may be more such initiatives.

According to Bukele, this is only the first step. If it were up to him, El Salvador would become one of the countries where developments around bitcoin are going very fast.

It is always a matter of waiting to see how it is implemented and what is ultimately left behind. Yet this is also unique: El Salvador is the first country to tackle bitcoin mining in this way.


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