Doctors have called the most harmful products for the health of blood vessels


Врачи назвали самые вредные продукты для  здоровья сосудовGood and bad food for blood vessels and blood.

The laws of Nature say that in a living organism, as in any energy system there is a constant exchange of energy: some energy is included, but some stand out.

It is no secret that different foods may have different effects on our body as a whole, and on the capillaries and blood in particular.

Food harmful to blood vessels and circulation

Food that increase blood dangerous cholesterol: beef, pork, lamb, any fried foods, eggs, sour cream, cream cheese, ice cream, chocolate, confectionery, palm and coconut oil.

All foods that contain saturated fats and also the liver of all species of animals, including cattle and poultry, butter, eggs contain lots of cholesterol, and this means that we run the risk of suffering cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, metabolic or any other disease including cancer

Food contributing to cancer: meat, fatty foods, oils, heated or consumed in excess, all fried, fatty, sweet; foods that are low in fiber and food enzymes (that is, subjected to any heat treatment).

Foods that raise blood sugar: glucose, corn flakes, carrots, honey, mashed potatoes, white bread, millet, white rice, potatoes, green beans, whole bread, brown rice, bananas, raisins, buckwheat, pasta, corn, oatmeal, peas, potato chips, sweet potatoes, dry peas, and orange juice, apples, ice cream, whole milk, yogurt, tomatoes, lentils, fructose, soya beans, groundnuts.

But this is not so. There must be something that made Mother Nature man. There are products on time and in the right combinations.

In addition, it is necessary to eat mostly food that helps to cleanse the body and healing. This is organic, raw, natural food – fruits, vegetables, nuts, food that is ideal for health and longevity of man.

Diet for the capillaries

Food, can inhibit the growth of cholesterol: beans, oats, apples, carrots, olive oil, avocado, almonds, walnuts, garlic, onion, especially all kinds of organic foods and sea fish, including the fat; fruit and vegetables, cereals rich in fiber.

Products that reduce cholesterol in the blood: beans, lentils, blue eggplant, fish (boosts levels of beneficial cholesterol), red seedless grapes, grapefruit, almonds, walnuts, oatmeal, olive oil, onion (raw, half of an onion a day), brown rice, kelp (seaweed), which produces iodine, soy.

Food that helps the body to defeat the dangerous cholesterol: all bright yellow and bright green vegetables and fruits, Flaxseed oil, nuts, seeds and cereals, grains and sprouted wheat, fish (especially sardines and mackerel), olive oil cold pomace, almonds and avocado; it should sharply limit the use of the easily oxidizable fats such as corn and sunflower oil.

Scientists say – the more the product of soluble fiber, the greater the effect of lowering cholesterol.

It is believed that you need to consume at least six grams of soluble fiber a day: this helps to regulate the dangerous cholesterol.

Food, fats which protect our arteries, vessels, capillaries from slagging: tree nuts, avocado, olive oil, almonds. They must be present in our menu daily.

Foods recommended for heart disease and blood vessels: avocado, olive oil, fish (prevents myocardial infarction), garlic (prevents blood clots), grapefruit, barley, nuts – walnuts, almonds; onions, pumpkin, sweet potato, green tea.

Products that help to lower blood pressure: celery, fish (including fat), white potatoes, seaweed.

In addition:

Train yourself to eat without salt or eat salt in very small doses.

Avoid foods containing salt.

Healthy food with lots of fiber: oats, rice, wheat and rye bran.

Eat apples, asparagus, melon, bananas, broccoli, eggplant, garlic, grapefruit, any green leafy vegetables, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, barley.

Food that acts as an anticoagulant to prevent agglutination of red blood cells and blood clots clogging blood vessels: cinnamon, ginger (prevents blood clots), melon, onion, pineapple, seaweeds (the algae are 2 times stronger than heparin), watermelon, green tea.

Foods that increase blood pressure: salt, cheese, cheese, licorice, sardines and mackerel.


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