Doctors called the sweetness, cleansing the liver of toxins


Медики назвали сладость, очищающую печень от токсиновFive good reasons to eat a spoonful of honey before bedtime.

In ancient Chinese and Indian treatises on health, it is recommended to eat a spoonful of honey before bedtime. Modern scientific studies confirm that this habit is very useful.

Experts call a few of the facts that confirm this.

Helps to fall asleep. The use of honey calms, because the substances in it promote the development of melatonin – the hormone responsible for the beginning of a dream. If you eat before bed a teaspoon of honey and queries chamomile tea, it will make your sleep stronger and will restore the nervous system.

Promotes the burning of fat. Experts noted that physically active people who regularly consume honey have a faster fat metabolism than those who are involved in sports, but not taking the med.

Improves the condition of the liver. During sleep, the liver is restored. Eating before going to sleep a little honey to help activate the removal of toxins from the important organ.

Promotes immunization. Experts recommend to clean the garlic, pour it with honey and let stand. The complex garlic and honey provide powerful support for the body in resisting bacteria and viruses. Make this mixture should be a teaspoon at night.

Saves you from fatigue. Med – recognized adaptogen, increasing the body’s resistance to various types of stress and harmful environmental influences. Experts have shown that consuming honey for two weeks improves the performance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as overall physical performance.


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