Do you like Putin’s decree? Think its doable? Want to live a long life? I hope that happens?


Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the development plans of Russia until 2030 — time to lose no, you know it yourself.

GD said that the 120 — years of our will. According to the decree of the President of Russia, we now have to live to 78 years inclusive.

А вам нравится указ Путина? Считаете его выполнимым? Хотите жить долго? Надеетесь, что получится?
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Well, why not? A good thing. Today, the average man doesn’t survive to retirement, and tomorrow will be almost a centenarian.

Here only I was plagued by doubts — and not break the Russian presidential decree?

No, but seriously-in Russia all break. Traffic for example — in an accident couriers die, and their murderers drink too much.

Safety conditions — work too, you know, people are dying in the workplace. Owner-oligarch profit is more important than the life of a miner.

Women, again, chicken — bite husbands, leading to a heart attack. If a man will not drink, will not die tragically, as the wife of a native with a light finish.

About the clinic and medicine — not to mention children for funds for treatment collect. In an adult, if he is sick, there is no such chance.

And why do the country a sick employee? Well, it nafig, even in the electronic queue will be written, and there they would give him aspirin.

No, you do not think the decree of the President I wholeheartedly endorse, but I prefer to face facts and real life in the eye.

Even if you imagine that a person make on average to live to almost 80, then what’s the point, given the size of the pension?

Do you like Putin’s decree? Think its doable? Want to live a long life? I hope that you will succeed?


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