Dmitry Malikov became a father again


The family of the singer Dmitry Malikov has been updated to have a second child was born.

Baby was born using surrogate motherhood.

As reported by Russian media, Dmitry Malikov again became a father. A surrogate mother gave birth to the artist of the second child. Childbirth passed in one of private clinics of St-Petersburg.

Dmitry Malikov and his wife Helen are raising 17-year-old daughter Stephanie, who, by the way, grew a real beauty, and became a well — known blogger on her Instagram page signed by almost half a million Internet users.

The wife of Dmitry Malikov Elena Malikova older than the wife by seven years. It is possible that for this reason, the couple resorted to a surrogate mother. From the first marriage of Helena has an adult daughter Olga.


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