Discover the Secrets of Budapest and Create Wonderful Memories


Hungary is one of the beautiful countries in Europe and many tourists like to visit the nation due to several attractive features and other things. Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary offers many attractions for visitors allowing them to make a memorable trip. At the same time, those who visit the city for the first time may face some difficulties and they should get ideas from different sources that can help make a trip accordingly. In addition, it gives ways to ensure peace of mind when planning a tour in the city.

There are several things to do in the capital city of Hungary and visitors should know them in detail. Moreover, they provide ways to create the best memories after visiting them.

Must-visit Places

Here is the list of some places that visitors shouldn’t miss them when making a trip to the city.

1. House of Terror

House of Terror is a museum building that describes the details of the city under Nazi and communist rule. It is one of the must-see attractions in the Budapest allowing visitors to gain more knowledge about history with more attention. One can even visit the official website of the museum for knowing the latest updates and other details.

2. City Park

City Park in Budapest is an ideal location for visitors to spend their quality with a loved one or family. It is 302 acres park that include a zoo and a replica Transylvanian Vajdahunyad Castle. Moreover, the park gives ways to get more fun and happiness while making a tour.

3. Castle Hill 

Castle Hill is one of the must see places in Budapest because it covers top attractions such as Trinity Square, Bude Castle, Mathias Church,  and Fisherman’s Bastion. There are several buildings which date back to 14th and 15th centuries that are well-known for their excellent architectural styles. The winding cobblestone streets are more attractive to see when making a trip.

4. Danube Promenade 

Danube Promenade is a world heritage site located in the Budapest and visitors can explore the best sights from the river. It is a suitable one for those who want to relax mind their mind.

5. Memento Park

Memento Park reveals the history of communist rule in the city which consists of more than 40 statues of great leaders like Lenin, Carl Marx, Bela Kun, and others. Since it is really very difficult to reach the park through the park, it is advisable to choose a guided tour while visiting the city.

Travel tips to Budapest

1. Public transportation

Budapest has g good public transport system which covers buses, trams, and subways. They are affordable and adorable allowing visitors to reach important places quickly. There is a single ticket available in the city which costs approximately $1.68.  The best way to save money is buying 10 tickets at a time because it helps to reduce expenses significantly. Each ticket costs only $ 1.40. However, it is necessary to check the validity after purchasing a ticket. Visitors can even select an unlimited pass at $6.15 that has a validity of 24 hours.

2. Best time to visit the city

It is advisable for the visitors to make a trip at the end of summer or beginning of fall that can help to make the trip a memorable one.

3. Language 

Hungarian is the language spoken in Budapest and visitors should focus more on learning some basics before travelling to the city. English is widely spoken in various parts of the city enabling tourists to overcome communication problems. 

4. Public baths and restrooms

Hungary is a popular one for sauna baths and there are several pubic baths available in the city for visitors to take a bath in stunning surroundings. Furthermore, one can use sauna spas for getting relief from stress and other issues. The public restrooms in the city cover modern amenities for visitors at affordable prices. It is a wise one for visitors to keep a small change while using the toilet.

5. Avoiding money exchange offices 

Most money exchange offices in Budapest don’t offer a fair exchange rate even though they provide their service without a commission. Visitors should stay away from them and use ATMs for avoiding high exchange rates. 

6. Ordering foods and beverages carefully

It is necessary to check the prices of foods and beverages carefully while visiting a hotel or restaurant. Otherwise, visitors will have to pay more that can result in high expenses. One should check the prices carefully before placing an order. Most restaurants will often change their menu in order to get more money from visitors. Therefore, it is a wise one to evaluate them with special attention to make a better decision.

7. Watching for unregulated cabs

Uber suspended its services in 2016 and renting taxis may become an expensive one for tourists. The taxi services are strictly regulated in the Budapest and visitors should make sure that use a meter while traveling to other places.

8. Knowing the local laws

Visitors who are new to the city should know the local laws while making a trip. In addition, it will help to minimize unwanted issues and legal problems. It is advisable to follow the safety measures properly when traveling to important locations in the city. 

Accommodation for visitors

Although luxurious hotels are available in the city, not everyone can afford them. In such cases, visitors should consider renting a budget hotel for saving more money. This is because budget hotels in Budapest allow tourists to book rooms with exactly fit their needs and budgets. Besides that, they offer modern amenities for visitors enabling them to experience world-class accommodation.  

There are several hotel websites which offer different types of packages for visitors allowing them to choose the right one accordingly. Booking a hotel online is a simple process after comparing the prices of hotels. Visitors can even compare the packages online enabling visitors to plan a trip without any difficulties. Huge discounts are available for visitors while booking a hotel which help to reduce the expenses.


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