Developed the most durable dental fillings


Разработаны самые долговечные зубные пломбы The secret of the new steel material nanoparticles antibiotic.

The majority of the population of our planet has those or other problems with the teeth. And almost all of us have fillings. But seals are short-lived. They are destroyed and require replacement. Recently, however, scientists have created a filling material that does not require replacement throughout life.

The main reason for the destruction and loss of fillings are bacteria that multiply in microtitre between the filling and the tooth. It appears almost always and does not depend on the quality of work of a dentist. A new type of seal used differs from the now long antiseptic effect and their durability more than the life of classic fillings in a few dozen times.

Antibiotics used today when installing the seals, but these antibiotics are used topically and they are not more than a few weeks. The advantages of these fillings is their composition. Filling material mixed with nanoparticles is a particular antibiotic, which makes the seal highly resistant to germs throughout the surface, and these properties do not fade with time. Thus, antibiotic is not only in the gap between the filling and the tooth. This provides local immunity to defeat in the field of the laying of the seals. The first experiments have already shown the effectiveness of the new material. According to one of the authors,

“Today, antibiotics are used when installing the seals, however, the validity of such compositions does not exceed a few weeks. We managed to find a combination of drugs and microscopic nanoparticles, which would contain a sufficient number of substances, which is enough to protect the teeth for many years”.


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