Debunked popular myths about breastfeeding


Komorowski nursing allowed to drink coffee.

Nursing mothers after childbirth does not need to go on a diet. They can eat everything that you ate during pregnancy. But there are certain rules. About them told in his Instagram Dr. Eugene Komorowski, reports the with reference to Comments.

The popular belief that after birth immediately need to go on a strict diet is just a myth. Komarovsky advises to not change their eating habits. But to approach the daily diet still needs more consciously. For example, while breastfeeding is strictly prohibited to experiment with food: eat something you never ate before.

Under the categorical prohibition during feeding — alcohol. To drink it is impossible, even in the smallest doses, warns the doctor. But as for the coffee, nursing mothers are not necessary to refuse yourself the pleasure to drink a refreshing drink.

“Women are breastfeeding can drink tea and coffee. Medical science believes that moms can drink up to three cups of coffee. But we should remember that excess caffeine can adversely affect the child’s sleep,” says Komorowski.

Also the doctor advised, what products should be in the diet of nursing mothers. This, for example, seafood. To exclude from the menu should only tuna, mackerel and shark. They can accumulate mercury.

“Breast-feeding is not a reason to starve. Nursing mother should eat 400-500 calories more than an ordinary woman. You should eat dairy products, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits,” said the doctor.

If the mother noticed that a product affects the state of the baby, which can disrupt sleep or make a rash, it is not necessary to exclude from the menu completely, but consumption should be kept to a minimum.

Finally, Dr. Komarovsky has advised mothers to drink more fluid. This can be water, fruit drinks and natural juices.


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