Davis Cup: Ukraine is behind Sweden 0:2


In the river completed the first game day of the match, the First group of Euro-African zone of the Davis Cup between national teams of Ukraine and Sweden.

The first match of the season in the Davis Cup was opened by Sergiy Stakhovsky – Ukraine national team leader suddenly in two sets lost 396-th racket of the world Michael imiru. The first set, Stakhovsky lost the tiebreak and the second party twice lost her serve and never been able to show the result of the game at the reception.

In the second match of the day Artem Smirnov, who is in the current ATP ranking 505 a modest place, a crushing lost to the first racket of the world Elias imaru. During the first set Smirnov was leading 2:0, but lost eight games in a row. In the second game the Ukrainian recouped from the account 0:2, but soon gave his serve and more on the resumption of the struggle is not claimed.

The second and decisive match match meetings of the Davis Cup between national teams of Ukraine and Sweden will start with a doubles match. The owners previously said to Denis Molchanov and Alexey Steep.

Ukraine – Sweden 0:2

Sergiy Stakhovsky – Michael IMER 6:7, 2:6

Artem Smirnov – Elias Ymer 2:6, 3:6


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