Created Lightning cable, which you can use to hack Mac


Be careful.

Apple pays a lot of attention to the security of its laptops and desktop computers. But at DEF CON, one of the participants announced the Lightning cable, which you can use to “hack” any Mac, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

The essence of development. The secret development of a hacker under the name MG – in the prescribed chip, which can be accessed remotely.

Visually the accessory is no different from the original Lightning cables designed to sync and charge tablets, smartphones and Apple iPods.

How “breaking” a Mac? The procedure of hacking is very simple. The victim connects the cable to your Mac. Built-in accessory chip is assigned an IP address, and then through the Terminal application (similar to command prompt in Windows), you can implement any operations with the laptop or the computer of the victim.

The only limitation to the efficiency of such a Lightning-accessory – available at a distance not exceeding 90 meters.

In fact, my proposed Lightning cable enables you to be behind the victim’s computer to control the mouse and keyboard. But you will be outside of his room, commented on their development of MG.

Package contents and price. Note, MG alone altered some of the original cables, installing in the designed chip, and now offers an accessory with a playful name OMGCable to crack Mac for $ 200. Included with the accessory is the “hacker’s memo” which lists the basic commands that you can use to learn the basics of working in the Terminal application on your Mac.


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