Created interface to connect the human brain to the Internet


Создан интерфейс для подключения мозга человека к интернетуInterface constantly analyzes the brain activity of a person.

Students of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa has developed an interface that allows to connect the human brain to the Internet of things in real time. As reported on the website of the University, the development was named Brainternet.

Brainternet works on the basis of the transformation of brain signals in the “direct brain stream”, which is then fed to a small computer Raspberry Pi. The data is then transferred to the web site through which anyone can monitor the brain activity of another person.

For registration of brain activity developers used a 14-channel EMOTIV EPOC EEG. It records the electrical activity of the brain in 14 points located in different zones of the cerebral cortex: frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital lobes. To collect data using a wireless plastic “helmet” with electrodes that person to perform everyday tasks. The collected data is processed using an algorithm created on the basis of a support vector machine, one type of supervised learning. Analyzing incoming information, the algorithm connects specific patterns of electrical brain activity with certain types of action. For example, the system can determine when a person goes and when.

One of the objectives of the project — the creation of a system of visualization of brain activity during different actions. The authors Brainternet demonstrated how to change the indicators of electrical activity at multiple points in the frontal lobes of the cortex when lifting the hands.


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