Created a rescue capsule that can protect people from any accidents


Создана спасательная капсула, способная защитить людей от любых катастроф The developers claim that Survival Capsule designed to withstand a tsunami.

Engineers from Seattle has created a floating rescue capsule, which can even protect against a tsunami.

Survival Capsule – waterproof and shockproof the scope. The case is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. It won’t break even under the weight of ten cars and will not sink.

The rescue capsule is equipped with a GPS sensor. Inside it has two safe seats, lighting, ventilation and few Windows. Stocks of water and food in a capsule will last for five days.

One capsule fit from two to ten people. Such devices can be installed even on the roof.

Engineers Julian Sharpe and Scott hill came up with the idea of a rescue capsule after the 2004 tsunami, which killed about 225 thousand people.

Capsules are supplied in five models of different sizes. Inside can penetrate through the sealed hatch, each cabin equipped with seats and a five-day supply of food and water per person.

Customers also can order the installation of safety belts, solar panels, dry powder toilet, additional interior lighting and a music system.

Worth area for two people 13,5 thousand dollars.


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