Created a 3D model of the mummy of the Tyrolean shaman


Создана 3D-модель мумии тирольского шаманаScientists from the United States of America managed to “resurrect” the mummy pyatidesyatiletiyu.

A group of American scientists managed to create a three-dimensional model of the mummy of a man who lived on Earth 300 5 years ago.

It should be clarified that the mummy was discovered in 1991 near the ötztal valley and got two nicknames: ötzi ice man.

To create her three-dimensional model used in computer tomography and 3D printing. Painting models, the artists worked manually. Scientists have spent to create a mummy for a few months now and plan to show it at exhibitions around the world.

Note that the difference between the mummies from the “original” is that on models right edge represented the whole, and in fact, ötzi they were crushed after death.

Scientists suggest that at the time of his death ötzi was 45-46 years old, his height was 165 cm and weight 50 kg. On the body of the ice man was discovered with 57 tattoos.

I must say that ötzi’s body perfectly preserved, and is now kept in an Italian Museum at a constant temperature equal to -6 degrees Celsius.


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