Cosmic storms in unique images. Photo


Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. ФотоIt’s worth seeing.

We often see news stories about how extreme storms and other weather adversities from time to time destroy a man. Yes, for our planet hurricanes like sandy and actually quite significant, but compared to alien storms, they are all nothing more than children’s toys. Cyclones, more reminiscent of the disasters that tear the dense atmosphere of gas giants, dust devils roam Mars… Thanks to modern satellites and telescopes, you can see some of the most ferocious storms on other planets. An incredible sight.

Rose on Saturn

The diameter of the Typhoon, which captured the North pole of Saturn in 2013, has reached two thousand kilometers. Something like that on Earth, and our civilization would come to an end. Scientists still can’t understand why a hurricane at a speed of 540 km/h all the time remained in the same place.

Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. Фото

Dark spots of Neptune

In 1989, the NASA space probe “Voyager-2” has celebrated the so-called Great dark spot (GDS), formed on the surface of Neptune. A cyclone the size of the Earth raged in the southern hemisphere of Neptune, the wind was overclocked to 2400 km/h. And that happens quite often: the Hubble telescope captures new cyclones several times per year.

Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. Фото

The Dragon storm on Saturn

The Cassini mission took pictures of this incredible storm in 2004. The so-called “Dragon Storm” is a storm the whole length of 3200 kilometers. Inside get struck by lightning 1,000 times stronger than on Earth.

Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. Фото

Rare Martian spiral storm

In 1999, over the Martian polar ice caps there was a huge storm. Despite the fact that he was four times more in Moscow region and covered the entire North pole of Mars, the storm lasted only one day. In the future, the astronomers found: red planet is a typical two such cyclone in the year.

Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. Фото

Mysterious hurricanes Titanium

Titan is covered with rivers and lakes of methane, located in the majestic mountains and surrounded by dunes. These dunes and surprised our astronomers: by all indications, they should stretch to the West, but in reality, the dunes are committed to East. Relatively recently, physicists have explained what it is — methane storms on Titan is so strong that it literally forced the planet’s surface.

Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. Фото

The Eye Of Saturn

Over the South pole of Saturn’s raging Typhoon another, seized nearly forty kilometers of space. As described above, the rose of Saturn, this storm does not leave its accustomed place.

Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. Фото

Little red spot of Jupiter

About the Great red spot of Jupiter many have heard, but the formation of Small stains remained almost invisible to the public. A new formation was nicknamed “the Oval VA”: three huge hurricane merged into one and the storm of incredible power turned red.

Космические штормы в уникальных снимках. Фото

Hypnotic hexagon of Saturn

Perhaps this is the most stunning and mysterious vortex in the solar system. The hexagon of Saturn’s just scary one species large enough to cover four Earth time, he spends one full round as much as ten hours. Its unusual form also requires new research scientists found out that the Hexagon has been around for several hundred years.

The dust devils of Mars

Martian dust devils are 10 times higher and 50 times wider than their earthly brethren. For explorers of the red planet these formations represent a considerable danger. However, sometimes they bring benefits: in 2005, one of the tornadoes blew the dust off the solar panels of the Spirit Rover, which allowed the latter to continue its mission.

Venus double hurricane

This hurricane is a regular friend of Venus. Astronomers discovered it in 2006: double cyclone is raging for about a week, then calms down for a few days and re-gaining strength.


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