Consumer Association is investigating Joy-Drift issues


The Consumers ‘ Association is going to collect complaints from people who have problems with the controller of their Nintendo Switch. The union does so with eight other consumer organizations in Europe.

The consumer associations are investigating a technical problem called ‘Joy-drift’. This problem arose just after the introduction of the Nintendo Switch in 2017. As a result, characters move in the game without touching the controller, because the stick is not right.

“We make the call because we are getting signals that the Switch will not last as long as consumers should expect,” says Sandra Miller, director of the Consumers ‘ Union.

“Moreover, the options to repair the console are limited, forcing consumers to make expensive replacements.”

The Consumer Union has opened a special web page where people can pass on their complaints. “We use the reactions to determine what further action we take,” says Miller.

Consumer organizations from Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia are also participating in the action. In France and Belgium, nearly a thousand complaints about the Switch controller have so far been received.


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