Christina Aguilera appeared Nude on the background of the rainbow flag in support of LGBT


Кристина Агилера снялась голой на фоне радужного флага в поддержку ЛГБТ

American singer Christina Aguilera has shared a photo where he appeared naked on the background of the rainbow flag. The actress posted a picture in support of the LGBT community in Instagram.

Aguilera said she was proud that the U.S. Supreme court’s decision, according to which the dismissal of an employee for being gay or transgender, amounts to a violation of the law.

The corresponding decree of the court was released on June 16. June in the US is celebrated as the “month of the rights of gays and lesbians” (Gay and Lesbian Pride Month). Date was chosen in connection with the clashes between the representatives of sexual minorities and police in new York in June 1969.

In July 2019 Aguilera came to Russia with concerts. During a speech in St. Petersburg, the artist fell down the stairs. Later, the video hit dance singer with men at the bar in a Moscow club.


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