Chinese set a new record for the length of pregnancy


Китаянка установила новый рекорд продолжительности беременностиHer pregnancy lasted 17 months.

A resident of China had broken the world record, nurturing a child almost two terms of pregnancy.
It all started quite normally. A resident of China from Shi province Huang found out she was pregnant. The child was very desirable, therefore, a woman preparing for motherhood in full swing.

All went well and without complications, but one of the surveys she learned from doctors that she has problems with the development of the placenta. Shea was very scared for my child, because, as you know, during gestation it is the placenta supplies nutrients and oxygen from the maternal organism to fetus.

The woman was desperate, but the doctors said to take until nothing. Just need to wait and regularly examined by their doctor. So it’s been 9 months, and Shi had been hoping for a speedy labor, but the contractions never came.

The doctors just shrugged, they did not know why the child is in no hurry to be born on time. The Chinese woman asked to make her caesarean section, but doctors decided that it was too dangerous – the placenta was positioned correctly, also in very bad condition. The surgery could cause death and mother and child.

So the only thing left to do Shi – agonizingly wait until the time of the fights. Due to defects of the placenta the birth had to be postponed for another 8 months

For the entire period of her pregnancy she went about 30 different examinations and special procedures. All of this was spent a lot of money, but to bring childbirth still failed. A woman took the pregnant 17 months – almost like two pregnancies.

By the way, every Chinese woman receives a special document issued by the local government. It’s sort of official permission to give birth. The document, which received Shi in the hospital indicated that her pregnancy lasted 17 months, and it is an absolute world record.


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