China shows lowest population growths


China has experienced the lowest population growth in the last decade since the introduction of the one-child policy in the 1970s, with each couple being allowed to have only one child. This is evident from the results of the 2020 Census published by the National Statistical Office on Tuesday.

Since 2010, the country’s population has increased by 5.38 percent to 1.41 billion, reports The Guardian. A further growth of 5.84 per cent was reported between 2000 and 2010.

More than seven million researchers would have gone from home to home to collect the data. Among other things, they came to the conclusion that about 12 million children were born last year, six million less than in 2016.

China is facing falling birth rates and an ageing population.

“The number of women with childbearing potential is decreasing, while other women are delaying the birth of children,” said lead researcher Ning Jizhe.

In 2016, China set itself the target of reaching a population of 1.42 billion by 2020. The one-child policy, which was introduced in the seventies to curb the then high population growth, was adjusted for this reason. Couples can now have two children. With this, China wants to strengthen economic growth and prosperity.

At the end of April, the Financial Times newspaper reported on the basis of insiders that for the first time in fifty years China had observed a decline in population. Experts said at the time that this would come as a surprise. They predict that population will not peak for a few years.

China still has the largest population in the world, but could be overtaken by India in the coming years.


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