“Cessation of lawlessness is a difficult and long process”


«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»

Nine new faces protest in Russia. Dossier Znak.com

Another wave of protest that rose against the background of non-admission of candidates to the Moscow city Duma, showed the new face of the opposition movement. Candidates, lawyers, journalists and students organized rallies and satisfied the hunger strike, speak to the media with its programme of action and record videos on YouTube. Znak.com collected information on those whose activities became the most visible this summer.

Love Sable

A supporter of Alexei Navalny Love Sable has become the most prominent media face of the current protest. From-for not admission to the Moscow city Duma elections the past few weeks waging a hunger strike, camped out at centre collecting signatures on Christmas Boulevard and continues to go to meetings. From prison to save her young child, so Sable the courts punish the ruble in the beginning of August she was fined 300 thousand rubles for repeated breach of the rules of holding mass events.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Love СобольInstagram Lyubov Sobol

Sobol was born in 1987 in the suburbs. Mother, engineer father — auditor, both now retired. He graduated from the law faculty of Moscow state University with honors. In 2011 he became the first lawyer of the project “Rospil” Alexei Navalny, later a lawyer of the “Fund of struggle against corruption” and producer for the YouTube-channel “Bulk LIVE”. Produced investigations of fraud in public procurement, the construction of the cosmodrome “East”, gospodryady that were given to firms associated with a close to the Kremlin businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. With Prigogine she linked the attack on her husband in 2016.

In 2013 participated in the election campaign Navalny on elections of the mayor of Moscow (then Navalny took the second place). Co-authored a number of bills, in particular, about the prohibition to officials to buy expensive cars at the expense of the budget. The latest investigation Sobol concerned a cartel in the procurement of vehicles for the interior Ministry and the mass poisoning of children in Moscow kindergartens. To register for the elections to the Moscow city Duma Sable refused, citing the large percentage of rejected signatures in its support.

An interview with Lubov Sobol on elections in Moscow, Navalny, Federmesser and conflict with Simonyan

In his election program, it has identified three themes that would be given special attention as a Deputy: quality and safe food in schools, the fight against corruption in public procurement and in the housing sector, the performance of “may decrees”.

In an interview with Sobol has repeatedly stressed that sensitive to injustice. I admit at Sable, she is fanatical warehouse man loves to achieve goals, perfectionist. “I cringe even crooked standing in the shoes of the husband. What about the lies of the authorities”, — said the politician.

Alexander Pomazuev

The speech of the lawyer of Fund of fight against corruption Alexander Pomazuev (represents the interests of the candidate Lyubov Sobol) the meetings of election commissions will be remembered by all who follow the campaign in the Moscow city Duma. “Better meeting than ******* (brothel — approx. Znak.com) that you have here” — he said at a meeting in mid-July when the County Commission decided not to allow elections Sable. “Right slogan and strategy of actions”, — said in Twitter politician Alexei Navalny.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Alexander Pomazuev video on the website of the Central election Commission

Before moving to Moscow 36-year-old Alexander Pomazuev worked as a lawyer at the headquarters of FBK in Yekaterinburg. In 2017, he has made the initiation of the administrative case because of the lottery, which was held during the elections of the Sverdlovsk Governor. However, in the end, after the campaign, the case was closed “in connection with absence of corpus delicti”.

During the campaign to the Moscow city Duma Pomazuev consistently proves that Love Sable was removed from the election illegally, in particular, was rejected signatures of real people who have given it their support. “Now you pretend that there is some improper evidence, which includes statements by living people. If you are going to continue to ignore the position of the constitutional court, then you will understand lynching. Because no other court in this situation will not be”, — said Pomazuev at the meeting of Mosgorizbirkoma. After that, he was also controversy in the CEC, which still failed to convince Sable to restore the election.

According to the FCO, during searches as part of the case against the Fund Pomazuev was beaten by security forces. In social networks spread video with the comment of the lawyer: “was endless and pointless interrogation, and before it was searched, and a cast face on the floor, and the use of physical force by Riot police. I believe that you simply [the head of the CEC] Ella [Pamfilova] thus continues the controversy with the lawyers love Eduardovna Sable. And when the opposing party over legal arguments, it is engaged in the planting of lawyers other side.”

Egor Zhukov

Egor Zhukov, 21 years. He graduated from the Lyceum № 1535, is now a student of the faculty of political science of Higher school of Economics. The University was admitted without exams as the winner of all-Russian Olympiad in social science. For several years Zhukov is on your YouTube channel “Blog Zhukov”, which signed more than 115 thousand people. Recently, the defendant in the case about mass riots at a protest on July 27.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Egor Jukescantor from the blog of Egor Zhukov on YouTube

In his blog, beetles harshly criticized the Russian authorities, talks about the current news agenda, analyzes the actions of politicians, officials and security forces. It records video in the background of the yellow flag of the libertarian movement. Some of the videos are gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

“I tell you not only about how to beat Putin, but what to do afterwards”, he describes his video blog. On his channel videos with titles “From dictatorship to democracy,” “Three reasons to insult the government,” “Revolution. The beginning.”

In Moscow Zhukov was nominated as a team member Dmitry Gudkov, but could not collect signatures. A key point of his program was the requirement that citizens themselves controlled the spending of the taxes they pay.

After the arrest Zhukov was launched the biggest campaign in its defense. In support of mass made by other students, rector of the HSE and loyal city hall the candidate to the Moscow city Duma Valery Kasamara, as well as a number of media. Some of our students that are on a single pickets demanded the release of Zhukov, was detained.

Ilya Azar

35-year-old journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” Ilya Azar defeated as the independent candidate in the municipal elections in Moscow in 2017, and became a Deputy in the area of Khamovniki. Moreover, the Board of deputies of this district then was none United Russia. “I was just shocked by the success,” he said after the election.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Ilya Isarstrasse Ilya Azar on Facebook

Hazard — one of the most famous journalists in Russia. He wrote, for example, the war in South Ossetia, about the revolution in Kyrgyzstan, about the Ukrainian conflict. In 2014 he became a journalist of the year by GQ magazine. In the regional edition of “MOSS” Azar publishes texts that are important to the residents of Khamovniki. Including the latest data on elections to the Moscow city Duma, separate waste collection, renovation and corruption.

Azar studied in Moscow, first at school No. 1529 with profound studying of English language. In 2006 graduated from the faculty of political science, Higher school of Economics.

Now Ilya Azar — co-organizer of a concerted rally “Let!”, which was held on Sakharov Avenue on August 10. Earlier in the interview Znak.com he explained that there are two main goals of the event: to seek admission, regardless of the mayor’s office of candidates for election, and also request to close the criminal case about mass riots at a protest on 27 July, as no disorder was.

Konstantin Jankauskas

Jankauskas is the capital district zyuzino. Municipal Deputy was in 2012. Is a research fellow at the Institute of market problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, is engaged in research of state regulation of the economy. Was among the unregistered candidates in the upcoming elections to the Moscow city Duma. In the city Council he was nominated in 2014, but was initiated against him a criminal case was fabricated, says the Deputy. Then he was suspected of fraud in the financing of the election campaign of the candidate in mayors of Moscow Alexei Navalny and sent under house arrest, which Jankauskas has failed to apply for registration.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Encapsgallery Constantine website Constantine Jankauskas

Jankauskas was born in 1986. The Deputy studied at school No. 1279 in-depth study of English, the graduate Department of political science of the philosophical faculty of Moscow state University. As a Deputy acts for the preservation of large medical institutions and improvement district clinics by highly qualified doctors.

He struggles with point buildings, addresses issues of landscaping, campaigning for the modernisation of public transport and other transport infrastructure. In addition, believes that the need to expand the powers of the municipal deputies to abolish the Prefecture and make possible the resignation of the heads of districts on the basis of decisions of the Board of deputies.

Since the end of July Jankauskas is under arrest because of calls go to the uncoordinated action of protest in Moscow and to participate in them.

Michael Lights

One of the leaders of the “libertarian party” Michael Svetovou 34 years. He studied first at the Russian state humanitarian University, faculty of history, politology and law, then — until 2009 — in the University of Nottingham with a degree in political science. For several years he lived in Japan.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Mikhail Romanov Svetovanje

In 2017, started a channel on YouTube, where, in particular, interviews with public men and politicians. In particular, he published an interview with Vladimir Milov, Leonid Volkov, Garry Kasparov. Now his channel 159 thousand subscribers.

Lights repeatedly said that he is a supporter of lustration. In 2018, he organized a rally against the blocking of the messenger Telegram and against isolation of the Internet, he was supported by Alexei Navalny. And the campaign to the Moscow city Duma he was the initiator of the protest against the banning of independent candidates, which was held July 20. He was also one of the organizers of the rally on 3 August, but in late July, was arrested immediately after negotiations with the municipality about the venue, later a decision was made to arrest him for 30 days for “repeated violation of the order of the public event” due to the participation in the action on the Pipe area on July 16.

Julia Galiamina

Another municipal Deputy, who plays the first roles in the current protest movement. Yulia liovochkina Halamines also failed to register for the elections to the Moscow city Duma. On 6 August she was arrested for 15 days for participation in the rally on July 27. Prior to that, he served at the detention center, ten days for the calls to come to this protest.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Julia Calaminarian site of Yulia Galiamina

In politics Galiamina recently — only in 2017 was elected Deputy of Council of Deputies of Timiryazevsky district of Moscow. Political work combines with teaching activity — lectures on Philology and journalism at MSU and HSE. Is the author of over 20 scientific publications. As the Deputy mainly concerned with landscaping, renovation, housing and cultural events. Believes that the street protests have become the main platform for communication with the electorate.

Galiamina — native Timiryazevsky district. Born in 1973 into a family of scientists. He graduated with honors from the Russian state University for the Humanities, defended her PhD thesis in 2015 graduated from a magistracy majoring in “Management of education”. She is married and has two children.

Ivan Zhdanov

The Director of Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), lawyer Ivan Zhdanov declared a hunger strike. It is not registered in the elections to the Moscow city Duma, and after participating in a protest on 27 July — was arrested. According to Zhdanov, he had no other way to convey their position.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»Ivan Jednostronna Boris Zolotarevsky on Facebook

Zhdanov 31. He graduated from the Moscow state law University, interned at the Federal Antimonopoly service and the state Duma, headed the Nenets branch of the party “people’s Alliance”. The FCO Zhdanov began working in 2014, was first a lawyer, then — head of the legal Department of the Fund. He’s married, has a daughter.

In 2016, Zhdanov participated in the elections of deputies of Barvikha, and in the midst of the campaign it brought a criminal case on evasion. He explained that he was never summoned to the military registration and enlistment office, as he was a student, then a graduate student of the University. According to Zhdanov, the initiation of proceedings was due to his growing popularity in the area.

Together with Alexey Navalny, Ivan Zhdanov was a co-plaintiff in the process against the system “Plato” through which charged a fare trucks on the highway. In addition, Zhdanov, as stated on his campaign website, “supports and coordinates civil and administrative law cases involving the investigation of Alexei Navalny, the FCO and staffs in the courts.”

Elena Rusakova

Director of the Moscow scientific-methodic center “Humanist” Elena Rusakova became a Deputy of the Gagarin district of Moscow with the support of the party “Yabloko” in 2012. But the elections of the Moscow city Duma did not allow it — like other independent candidates, she collected voter signatures required for registration are rejected, although people were willing to personally confirm their support.

«Прекращение беспредела — сложный и длительный процесс»



Elena Rusokastrenska Elena Rusakova is on Facebook

Rusakov was born in 1962 in Moscow. Graduated from the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University. In scientific-methodical center focused on themes related to social development of the regions, with emergency psychological aid and education development. Since 1988 is member of the society “memorial”.

Now Rusakova participated in the protest activities, including one of the organizers of the rally on August 10 against the rejection of independent candidates for elections. “I asked what will give the rally in terms of end to lawlessness, lawlessness, etc. One rally does not stop. The cessation of lawlessness is a complex and lengthy process. Regular meetings and other public speaking is one of the components of this process. We are not the end of history but only the beginning. And if nowhere to go, and no prospects. More precisely, a very bad prospect of the degradation of the country,” she wrote this week on Facebook.


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