Car thieves have invented a new way to “divorce”


Автоугонщики изобрели новый способ "развода"They figured out how to lure the driver out of the car.

Hunters foreign cars increasingly creative in their “craft”. They recently came up with a new, another way to lure the driver out of the car.

So far recorded only one case of this “divorce” (in the US), but it is possible that such incidents still appear. In this story involved one of the Americans, the newspaper writes Shareably.

The woman was in her near the car near the supermarket, how one moment she was blinded by high beam headlights of the other car. When the lady narrowed her eyes, she ran from the people who tried to enter the passenger compartment of his car.

Fortunately, the woman managed to escape. After that, she temporarily moved to another state – so she was scared of this situation. In this incident she told to media and police learned from the corresponding post in Facebook, which has published a friend of avtovladelets. “Two men tried to open her car with both sides – driver and passenger. When she was leaving, they were still trying to climb inside. Both were in robes and hidden faces. Fortunately, she had locked the door…”, – said in a note on the social network.

The police found that the incident was no joke and started investigation. Law enforcement suggest in such cases to lock myself in the car and call the police or have to leave. In the case of the prosecution be directed to the nearest police station/ precinct.


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