California has set itself an ambitious transport task


Калифорния поставила перед собой грандиозную транспортную задачу

CA have set ourselves a truly monumental task. Governor Jerry brown signed a decree according to which by 2030 on the state’s roadways traveled at least 5 million vehicles with zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

In California now there is only 350 thousand of such vehicles. That is, for the next 12 years to increase the fleet of environmentally friendly cars 15 times. To achieve this goal, by 2025, the state government intends to spend 2.5 billion dollars, according to Clean Technica.

However, in the number of cars with zero emissions California’s government includes a car with a hydrogen engine, and not just electric cars. But the task is easier is not very strong. In particular, the state will have to increase the number of charging stations for electric vehicles with today’s 1.5 thousand to 10 thousand, and hydrogen filling stations from 31 to 200.

Interestingly, part of the investment in the construction of this infrastructure will come from the funds that will pay the Volkswagen group for its infamous “deselect”. In fact, according to the decision of the American courts, the automaker will have to shell out tens of billions of dollars.

It is worth noting that the implementation of the plans to create charging stations and gas stations depend, for the most part, on the activity of the authorities. And here is another task set by order of the Governor to increase the sales of cars with zero emissions up to 40% from the current 5% of the total sold vehicles.

And how to implement it — is unclear, because the trading is done by private companies, they can be (and probably is) their plans in this regard. Another issue is that brown can follow the “Norwegian way” and to encourage state residents to purchase electric cars and hydrogen cars through tax exemptions and other benefits.


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