Button from “Daddy’s daughters” graduated from the school


On June 23, graduates celebrated the end of school.

Received a certificate and star of the TV series “father’s daughter” Ekaterina Starshova. The girl graduated from nine classes, as proudly told his followers on Instagram. According to the actress, her happiness has no limits.

“At the moment there is no happier person than me! Lord, thank you for everything! This is probably the best day of my life. My emotions are just outrageous! Still can’t believe I got it all,” writes Kate.
The young star “Daddy’s daughters” Ekaterina Starshova graduated from school (PHOTOS)Kate Also shared a photo with his beautiful mother, with whom the actress came to the prom in clothing of one color. From the words Starkovoy clear that she is proud of mom — she compares their relationship to those you see in the movies.

“My mother is such, which you can only dream of. When we watch American movies, where, between children and parents very friendly relations, this picture coincides with our own and not have to search for those ten differences. Why? They are not there! ”
The young star “Daddy’s daughters” Ekaterina Starshova graduated from school (PHOTOS)Kate Also thanked the teachers who taught her all these years. In recognition Stasovoy, in its study have not always been easy, but the teachers always supported young actress.

“I want to Express my gratitude to all teaching staff of their school and to wish them every success in the future! I know I wasn’t easy, but you understood me. It was on the understanding I hoped for. You got me all supported, and I am very pleased!” — says the girl.


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