Bought in France the skeleton of a mammoth for half a million euros


Во Франции купили скелет мамонта за полмиллиона евроAn ancient woolly mammoth skeleton has sold at auction in Lyon for 548 000 euros

It is noted that this is the exhibit of this kind, were in private hands. 80% of the skeleton is the bones of the animal, became extinct. The rest of the exhibit – resin which ensures the integrity of the exhibit.

Ancient animal bones found in the permafrost zone in Siberia 10 years ago. Scientists have discovered the teeth of a mammoth traces of rot. This could be one of the reasons for his death: because of problems with teeth he could not eat.

According to the curator of scientific collections in the Manchester Museum David Gelsthorpe, find mammals were more likely due to the thawing of permafrost zones.

“Siberian permafrost is rapidly melting due to climate change. So we find not only these awesome skeletons, but also many other things, preserved from the time of their death. We find things like wool, leather, muscle, organs – and even their last meal,” he said.


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