Bolsonaro returns to Brazil via back door: the return of the defeated


After three months of absence, Brazilian ex-president Jair Bolsonaro is back in his country. Hundreds of supporters were waiting for him when he returned from the United States by plane earlier today. They did not see much. “He left through a back door,” says Wies Ubags, correspondent in Rio de Janeiro.

The supporters stood in full regalia, wrapped in the colors of the Brazilian flag, at the airport, says Ubags. “It all looked very driven. People who are happy that their president is back.’

However, according to Ubags, the Brazilian authorities were afraid of irregularities. “I also think she didn’t give Bolsonaro a party,” Ubags said. “He just wanted to have a big party, a big show and drive an open car to his party’s office in Brasilia. The authorities did not agree to this.”At his party office, Bolsonaro was also met by fans.

Bolsonaro narrowly lost the presidential election to his left-wing rival Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva at the end of last year. Shortly after the transfer of power in January, his supporters stormed the Brazilian parliament building.

According to his opponents, a legal investigation into him must be completed so that Bolsonaro can be convicted. “There are all kinds of investigations going on about him,” Ubags tells us. “He has long maintained that the election results were falsified and he has spread fake news. That’s what he was charged with.’In addition, he is accused of negligence during the corona crisis.

It is expected that now that Bolsonaro is back in Brazil he will begin to criticize the current president Lula. “Lula is accused of not having a plan to get the economy back on track. The markets are dissatisfied and interest rates are kept high by the central bank. Bolsonaro is fully committed to this, ” Ubags said From Rio.