Bishop: “Nowhere in the world the temples are not built as in Yekaterinburg”


Епископ: «Нигде в мире храмы не строятся так, как в Екатеринбурге"

To build a temple around this place must first form a community of believers

The Bishop of the Karelian Evangelical Lutheran Church Igor Knyazev considered Ekaterinburg as a conflict over the temple from a purely religious aspect and was horrified how flawed and false the position of the Russian Orthodox Church and state:

“The high intensity of the polemics and debates around the situation in Yekaterinburg, has somehow obscured the main thing – how is it constructed the temple. In the Christian Church, it is certainly a community affair. That community is the initiator and engine construction. First, create a community, pray in a small indoor grows. Then it becomes more closely, looking for more room, and then begins the construction of his new temple. So.

So all this mayhem, where under the temple masked the construction of the business center, taking place in Ekaterinburg, of course, irrelevant to the Church building. No community there, no believers, there is not going and do not pray. Just a couple of oligarchs decided profitable to invest in nedvizhku, and along ordenok to get behind the “revival of faith”, well, its lobbying power to reinforce.


Therefore, all the tinsel about: “scary liberals on CIA money struggling with Orthodoxy to destroy Russia” is crudely constructed propaganda material. Clumsy, terribly rude, but well paid for placement in media propaganda, the Russian media. Any discoveries I make, and did not expose, what I write here in equal measure well known by any inhabitant of Ekaterinburg, an employee of the diocese, etc.

Protect the construction of the business center people are “positions”, those who “sits on wages” in various corporate structures, and those who are trying to “cut a little bit of dough on a hot topic”, hoping to get a deal from authorities and developers. The second is a different kind of “independent bloggers, free freelancers, etc.,” which has not taken a salary but are allowed to eat up the good stuff sitting on the payroll.

Because of their personal history, first I do not feel any feelings, the second evoke a sense of pity. But all this is true, an old man’s grumbling. The important thing is that in Russia, hundreds if not thousands of churches in need of restoration. Most of them in small towns and villages, their recovery has no commercial appeal, and so, alas, they most likely will not be restored, but sorry. Among these temples, a huge number of monuments, around them are many memorial places. We would like to in some new, future Russia, which is also really want to live (at least a little) all the ardor and pathos of hramostroitelstva was aimed at the revival of such temples in the suburbs, in the dying villages. Because it would give a chance to those villages and towns to begin its revival, around these temples would have started at least some life.


Well, can’t kick the promotion for it just a terrible lack of professionalism! Thesis “here before the revolution was” unable to show to the public only full …..If you want to use it, then return to the building, mansions of Yekaterinburg to the heirs of those from whom they were taken in 1917-1918, and then begin to remember where you have and what were…”


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