Binary options and cryptocurrencies was banned in Facebook


Бинарные опционы и криптовалюты попали под запрет в Facebook Restrictions also apply to subsidiary – Instagram.

Representatives of Facebook has announced a ban on any advertisement that will be associated with binary options or digital currencies.

Their administration of the social network considers “deceptive advertising practices”.

According to journalists, the new policy will be implemented on all platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

“We have created a new policy that prohibits advertising of financial products and services, often related to deceptive advertising practices such as binary options or crypto-currencies”, – said the Director of product management of the company Facebook Rob Coyne.

Ethereum, which is called the main competitor of bitcoin, has received the rating B: bitcoin. While bitcoin dominates the market and is a “strong brand”, he didn’t get higher rating because of problems with the speed of transactions, and also the unwillingness to promptly update your code.

Note that 30 Jan 2018 bitcoin continued a steep dive, his course is $10.5 thousand for one coin.


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