Bill gates was named the best online resources


Билл Гейтс назвал лучшие онлайн-ресурсыAccording to the entrepreneur, the Network has many good resources

The famous American businessman, founder of Microsoft, bill gates has called four perfect, in his opinion, Internet resources to obtain new knowledge.

“When in my childhood I wanted to learn something outside the school curriculum, I opened my encyclopedia World Book. And this is the best I could do. Today all you need is proteo to access the Internet,” wrote gates in a column for Time.

According to the entrepreneur, the Network has many good resources, but gates offers to pay attention to four of his favorite site that allows you to continue training.

Khan Academy

“A short Khan Academy videos are a great way to become smarter in just a few minutes. My children have used this resource for their classes, and I use them to remember topics that I have not studied since high school. Their videos helped to understand many things, from basic arithmetic to complex topics such as electrical engineering,” says gates.

“I think everyone could learn benefits, learn how to write even basic code. Even if you don’t use it in their daily lives, computer science is forcing us to think abstractly and to solve specific problems. – a fabulous resource for people of all skill levels”.

The Great Courses from The Teaching Company

“One of my favorite sources of interesting lectures is The Teaching Company. They post lectures by incredible professors who can share their knowledge on almost every topic you can think of. When I travel, I always take at least one of their CDs with their lectures.”

Big History Project

“If you can call myself the eternal student, you should pay attention to the Big History Project. This free online course gives you a comprehensive look at the history of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present day” – said bill gates.


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