Bill gates has invested millions of dollars into creating the perfect cow


Билл Гейтс инвестировал миллионы долларов в создание идеальной коровы Bill gates has invested $ 40 million

American billionaire bill gates gave $ 40 million to the Scottish nonprofit organization GALVmed on taking the perfect and productive cows.

The founder of Microsoft, intends to help create a cow that can give as much milk as European breeds, but it will be well to transfer heat, as the African.

According to gates, a new breed of cows will help to overcome hunger in poor regions of the world. African countries have cows adapted to the local climate, but giving four times more milk yield.

While it is unknown how will bring such a cow, but the company GALVmed is engaged in genetic research, and the gates proposes to use artificial insemination.

At the same time, environmentalists warn that the breeding of cattle only exacerbates climate change.


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