Biathlon. Norway won the relay in Ruhpolding, the failure of Ukraine


The men’s team of Norway confirmed the status of favorite of the last before the Olympics relay race.

Before the final stage Norway was on a par with France and Italy, however, the Scandinavians finisher of the relay was made by Johannes boe, while the competitors ‘ last stage ran weak links in the relay fours. It is not surprising that Be-younger even with two extra cartridges on the rack without problems won the fight for the gold.

The French steadily defended his second place, and Russia by the efforts of Anton Shipulin climbed to third place, winning the fight for the medals in Germany, Austria and Italy.

For the Ukraine national team for the first part of the relay race went well – pryma Artem Semenov Serhiy and kept the team in the top 8, but a penalty, and Vladimir Semakov pushed the team far back. At some point, Ukraine was on the verge of departure from the top 20 – Dmitry Pidruchny at the last stage, managed to play a few positions and finished 15th.

Ruhpolding. Men. The results of the relay:

1. Norway (Birkeland, T. Bø, Svendsen, Th. BAA, 0+7) 1:13:11,1
2. France (Destie, Fillon-Maillet, M. Fourcade, Gigone, 0+6) +24,9
3. Russia (Volkov, Flowers, Babikov, Shipulin, 0+4) +53,4
4. Germany (0+10) +1:26,5
5. Austria (0+6) +1:39,8
6. Sweden (0+6) +1:50,6
7. Italy (1+11) +1:58,5
8. Czech Republic (0+9) +2:05,4

15. Ukraine (Prima, Semenov, Semakov, Pidruchny, 1+11) +3:36,2


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