Beloved Ostapchuk told how deals with haters


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The new girlfriend of TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk, Christina miner said that thinking about the haters.

According to her, she ignores hateful comments on the Internet.

Haters think they write criticism. But constructive criticism is when you say: “You’re fat, get some exercise”. And negative, left by people, it is their own pain and fears, but I don’t have to impose. If I ask, then, please,” said Christina miner in an interview for the TV channel “Ukraine”.

She explained their stance against the haters.

I block people when they throw mud at me or Vladimir, not knowing the situation. They judge us based on what serves the media or post on social networks. That is the situation from the inside is known only to those who are in it. So when I see unconstructive criticism and mud, I’m blocking. I’m not afraid to read it, but this view is inadequate. I not whom not to be rude, but I will not allow anyone to violate its borders,” — said the girl.


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According to Christina miner, there is no sense to understand the complexes of the haters.

I do not understand how you can go to someone on the page and write negative. If you don’t like it don’t watch it! When the man says dirt, he wants attention that you responded and started a correspondence. But this does not lead to anything, because you can not prove anything to this man. And most importantly – why?” said beloved Vladimir Ostapchuk.

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