As no diet and sports to lose weight fast: advice from the experts


Как без диет и спорта быстро похудеть: советы экспертовIt turns out that in order to effectively fight obesity, not necessarily to starve yourself or to work hard in the gym day in and day.

The professionals always in the Arsenal there a few secrets they share not all and not always.

Experts on healthy lifestyles and weight loss decided to share valuable tips that can help everyone lose weight and do not experiment with diets, exercises and other things one way or another to help you drop those extra pounds.

If you want to lose weight fast without sports and diet:

Eat with health benefits – of course, from all harmful have to give up, but this does not mean that you should now eat buckwheat, rice, oatmeal and yogurt. A proper balanced diet includes a wide variety of products and dishes so that you don’t get tired of great to eat.

Set aside products marked “diet” – in fact, such products contains more harmful substances than calories.

Relax – few people know that when a man sleeps, it is less concerned about the feeling of hunger. Why sleeping 8-9 hours every night and notice that your appetite actually decreased.

Reward yourself a favorite product once a week – when you lose weight, the body is in the stress, but because you need to give him time to recover himself. The so-called camily work perfectly and can help to shift the weight from a dead point.

Eat slowly – concentrate on every bite of food, chewing it a few dozen times. Therefore the feeling of satiety will come earlier than you could imagine, accordingly, your portion is significantly reduced.

We cannot ignore the fact that fast weight loss without sport – the key to a sagging flabby skin, therefore, still experts recommend being physically active in the process of weight loss and at least three times a week to visit weight training.


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