Artificial intelligence has decoded the Voynich manuscript


Искусственный интеллект расшифровал рукопись ВойничаThe scientific community has doubts about the reliability of the research results.

Scientists have used artificial intelligence algorithm to decrypt the the Voynich manuscript and was able to read the first sentence. Moreover, researchers claim that they also managed to set the language in which the manuscript was written: Hebrew.

As reported by N+1, publications in peer-reviewed journal about the results of work at the moment, and other scholars take this statement with caution.

Training algorithm that helps scientists to decipher the manuscript, used the universal Declaration of human rights, translated into 380 languages. As the developers say, their program learned to identify the language with 97% accuracy. At the same time as it tested the algorithm, not reported.

Statistical analysis of the manuscript, performed by the algorithm, showed that the text was written in Hebrew. Scientists have suggested that the book was used a cipher in which the letters in each word reversed, and vowels are omitted. Based on this assumption, they tried to translate the first sentence of the Voynich manuscript in Hebrew. According to the authors, it reads: “She gave advice to the priest, the master of the house, and me and men” (“She made recommendations to the priest, man of the house and me and people”).

Among the first 72 words of the book, the authors also see the words “peasant”, “light”, “air” and “fire.” This speaks in favor of the hypothesis that the Voynich manuscript could serve as a Pharmacopoeia, that is, the set of rules that govern the manufacture, storage and prescribing of medications. Scientists agree that artificial intelligence is not enough to decrypt the code. The process requires the participation of the people as only they will understand the syntax and meaning of words.

Manuscript Voichita – medieval text, which was discovered in 1912 by Wilfried Voicecam. The manuscript dates from the XV century, to decipher it researchers have tried for decades, but the language of the manuscript are unknown.


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