Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious Aztecs built a model of the Universe


Археологи обнаружили построенную ацтеками загадочную модель ВселеннойThe model displays the Aztec myths about the creation of the world.

Experts from the National Institute of anthropology and history of Mexico found at the bottom of the lake at the foot of the volcano Iztaccihuatl in an ancient stone sanctuary of the Aztecs.

Archaeologists suggest that this structure served the Indian model of the Universe.

The stone structure discovered on the lake bottom consists of stones of different sizes that display the location of stars and galaxies. If you look at the model from above, there is a special optical effect and it seems that rock stars are floating above the water.

“An optical effect that occurs in the water and also the structure of the object and features used in the construction of elements that indicate that the universe in miniature in the view of the ancient Aztecs,” – said one of the authors of the open iris Hernandez.

She stressed that the model displays Aztec myths about the creation of the world. According to them in ancient times was the land. Sea monster Cipactli lived in a primitive ocean and then out of his body the gods created the heaven and the earth.

Near the sanctuary was also found many artifacts, including ceramic materials associated with the ancient Aztec God of rain Tlaloc. Experts believe that the sanctuary was used for rituals in honor of Tlaloc and other deities of water and earth. The age of the artifacts is about a thousand years.


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