Apple moves part of production to India and Thailand


Apple is in the process of moving part of the manufacture of its products from China to India and Thailand. Factories in India now make 7 percent of iPhones and several MacBook factories are coming in Thailand.

A factory has already done a trial of making MacBooks. Apple is building another factory that should be operational by the end of this year, Nikkei reports. Apple has been making its Watch watches in the country for more than a year, reports the Japanese business newspaper. The move is necessary to reduce dependence on China.

For the same reason, Apple has expanded the production of iPhones in India, Bloomberg reports. Last year, 7 percent of iPhones produced worldwide came from factories in India. In addition to Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron make the various iPhone models. This includes iPhone 14 models. Previously, Apple only allowed older models to be made in India. Those aren’t just for Indian customers; many of those iPhones are also going to other countries.

Apple still relies on factories in China for the vast majority of its production. In addition, Apple is the Western company with the most product sales in China, which could cause it to lose a lot of sales if it gets the Chinese government against it and that government partially or completely blocks the sale of Apple products.