Apple has no plans to update laptops in 2018


Apple не планирует обновление ноутбуков в 2018 годуLast today, a major update of the range Apple laptops occurred at the end of 2016.

Apple is not planning a significant upgrade of their laptops in 2018 and decided to give Foxconn more orders for the production of portable computers. This is stated in the publication DigiTimes from January 15.

According to industry sources, in the second quarter of 2018 Foxconn will start mass production of MacBook on new orders. While Quanta Computer will remain the largest contract manufacturer of these devices.

According to analysts Digitimes Research, every year Apple delivers on the world market of about 15 million laptops. About 80 % of this volume produces Quanta and 20% of Foxconn. What will be the ratio of orders in the current year are not reported.

The sides DigiTimes say that in recent years, Foxconn has actively tried to entice myself orders to produce MacBook. Among other measures, the Taiwanese company offered Apple attractive prices for their services.

Last today, a major update of the range Apple laptops occurred at the end of 2016, when they presented the new MacBook Pro. It is reported that this year will be a significant upgrade, and transferring orders from Quanta to Foxconn for models that Foxconn already produces. Apple reduces dependence on Quanta, to cut costs and reduce risks.


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