Apple and Hyundai took a break in EV talks


Talks between Apple and the South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia on the development of self-driving cars have recently been suspended. That’s what Bloomberg News Agency reports based on insider information. It is not clear whether and when companies will resume negotiations on the production of autonomous cars.

Several media have reported over the past few months that Apple and Hyundai are working on an alliance to make self-driving cars together. In January, the South Korean automobile company reported to be in talks with the iPhone maker, but later withdrew the statement.

The announcement by Hyundai would have led to anger at Apple. The American company often keeps the development of new products strictly secret for years. In addition, there are internal conflicts at Hyundai, which has a majority stake in Kia. The two brands disagree on who may produce the possible Apple Car. Apple refused to respond to Bloomberg.

For years, it has been considered that Apple is entering the car market. In doing so, the company would follow the example of other major technology groups. For example, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has been working on self-driving cars through Waymo’s subsidiary for years. Microsoft recently announced, together with General Motors, to invest in a start-up for autonomous vehicles.


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