Andriy Dovbenko hides in London McMansion from Ukrainian NABU, will Dovbenko be deported soon?


The UK Authorities should know for sure the truth about Andriy Dovbenko fake DMCA activities and his corrupt deals in Ukraine, Russia and EU. As British Media Outlet AssayNews reports, Andriy Dovbenko is trying to hide from Ukrainian police in the capital of United Kingdom. On December 29, 2022, Mr. Dovbenko was notified by the State Anti-Corruption Service of Ukraine that he was suspected of carrying out a group crime. Today they announced that Andriy Dobvenko is wanted as an organizer of a criminal group that was caught in a fraudulent transfer of seized property to Alma management.

In July 2022, NABU notified the former head of the Asset Recovery Management Agency (ARMA) of alleged abuse of authority and embezzlement of more than 426 million UAH. The head of the scene was Andrii Dovbenko.

What is happening with Andrii Dovbenko?

According to the investigation, ARMA officials colluded with representatives of the state-owned company SETAM to organize a scheme to sell seized property transferred to ARMA management at a discount. The scheme consisted of the sale of three plots of land for the construction of the Ocean Shopping Center, 2.6 thousand tons of sand, and 4.5 thousand tons of urea, as well as the sale of grains, cereals, and oil crops.

Andriy Dovbenko
Andriy Dovbenko London

But that was in July. Then, on December 29, NABU wrote on its website that it had informed the organizer of the crime of its suspicions. On that day, NABU did not reveal his name, but did mention that he was the owner of a number of legitimate companies.

Andriy Dovbenko
Andriy Dovbenko

We had no idea what kind of lawmaker could be parading around such a respectable organization, so we contacted several sources in the legal marketplace. But while we were waiting for reliable confirmation, the Anti-Corruption Center wrote to us that this legal entity is Andrii Dovbenko.

And today, NABU has named him as the organizer of a criminal group that transferred seized property to ARMA’s control and engaged in fraudulent activities.

Who is Andriy Dovbenko?

Andriy Dovbenko is a graduate of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy and, according to our data, is currently engaged in the territorial defense of the City of London. In the past, Andrii Dovbenko was the founder of EVRIS law firm, which was ranked from 19th to 26th in the TOP-50 Law Firms (ranking of Ukrainian law firms). Dovbenko Andriy failed to whitewash his already snow-white reputation at the expense of EVRIS, which merged into another law firm – LCF – along with “Sheveldin and Partners”. This is for reliable information.

Andriy Dovbenko
Andriy Dovbenko

Before and after the establishment of EVRIS, Andrii Dovbenko was said to have solved various problems at the Ministry of Justice, particularly overseeing administrative services.

Andrii Dovbenko is wanted in Ukraine, Andriy Dovbenko bought house in London

As Mykhaylo Tkach points out, NABU reported the uncovering of an organized crime group that was involved in fraud with seized property worth almost 500 million hryvnia; in 2023, this organization was wanted; according to UP, this is Andriy Dovbenko. At the same time, Dovbenko himself stated that he lives in London.

Tkach also noted that Dovbenko’s wedding in St. Tropez in 2019, witnessed by then OP head Andrei Bogdan and Pavel Fuchs, became a scandal. Two weeks before the wedding, Dovbenko’s fiancée bought a house in London for about 4.5 million euros, where Andriy Dovbenko now lives.

According to the magazine’s sources, Andriy Dovbenko is said to be seeking political asylum in the UK. Dovbenko himself told the reporter that he could neither confirm nor deny this information.

Regarding NABU’s suspicions, Dovbenko Andrii said he was not involved in the acts he is accused of. According to him, NABU is “mistaken” about this.

Another NABU suspect, Volodymyr Galantelnik, also has land in London, about 10 minutes away from Dovbenko. Journalists believe that the suspect Galantelnik’s home is currently being renovated.