American death filled up with sand during beach games


Американца насмерть завалило песком во время игры на пляже  The man dug a sand tunnel and it rolled sand.

An American tourist, a resident of the state of Texas If Goggin vacationing with his wife and three children on the beach in Florida, decided to entertain the family, digging in the sand tunnel.

However, did not take into account the fact that the top was the sand dunes. When 35-year-old Goggin completely buried in the sand dunes suddenly collapsed, burying alive, and Whether narrowly missing sitting at the entrance to the tunnel dug them his sons two and four years.

Scared relatives tried to pull, but are unable to cope on their own. When rescuers dug him out from under foot layer of sand, Lee showed no signs of life. The man was taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter.

According to the Miami Herald, now Lee, who works as a personal coach, is in intensive care in a coma. The doctors ‘ prognosis is still uncertain. The coach previously had health problems. In 2014, his brother sacrificed him to transplant his kidney. Relative praying and hoping for the best.


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