Allergic to cold: all you need to know about seasonal phenomenon


From this, an Allergy often suffer from a woman.

In the autumn of annoying not only the cloudy sky and constant rain, but allergic to the cold, which will endure until spring. Experts explained why in response to the decrease of temperature an unpleasant symptoms and what to do with them.

Allergic to the cold is the common popular name for several symptoms. Common among them is that they appear when in contact with cold: cold air, cool water, snow.

This so-called pseudoallergic reaction. A real Allergy is the body’s response to foreign protein to the stimulus. In the case of frost no proteins have not affect, and unpleasant symptoms are due to the physical action of low temperature. They occur at any age, but often affects women, and after 25-30 years.

Allergy symptoms for a cold are different:

Strong stuffy nose in the cold. Slight swelling is a normal reaction, but if breathing does nothing, then it may be a manifestation of vasomotor rhinitis.

Skin redness, peeling, spots and even blisters. Is cold urticaria or dermatitis.

Redness of the eyes, itching, tears — conjunctivitis.

All these symptoms of sickness recede, if you go back to a warm room. And have to suffer all winter.

Where does the Allergy to the cold

Unfortunately, scientists do not know exactly why there is allergic to the cold. So to cure it once and for all can’t. But there are several factors which provoke the appearance of symptoms:

Genetic predisposition. If your relatives suffered in the cold, you also can appear allergic.

Infectious diseases. Risk of cold Allergy increase and serious infections (such as mononucleosis or hepatitis), and frequent colds.

Chronic diseases. Allergic to the cold often affects those who have problems with kidneys, thyroid, digestive system.

Allergies. If you have any reaction to food, pollen or tissue, the body and the cold will respond incorrectly.

Bad habits. Alcohol and cigarettes increase the risk of Allergy.

How to cure Allergy for a cold

First you need to get to the doctor and find out whether you are allergic to cold and if there is a more serious disease, which only disguised her. But to take action to became easier to live, you can now.

Take special drugs

The doctor should prescribe antihistamines, and ointments with corticosteroids for the skin. Independently, it is better not to buy, not to get side effects.

Change clothes

If you are predisposed to allergies, the skin can react to wool, fur or dyes that is processed and warm clothing. The fur coats, probably not for you. Choose hypoallergenic materials and wash winter clothes with special products for Allergy sufferers.

Protect your skin

First, close from the cold and wind all can be closed. Second, if the affected eye, don’t hesitate to wear goggles. Third, lubricate the skin with special protective cream, your lips hygienic lipstick.

Buy a mild cleanser for the soul, designed for sensitive skin, not to injure the inflamed areas and even soap. Discard the pool, not to provoke allergies chlorinated water.

A diet

Even if food allergies do not have to go on a diet. Eliminate from the diet foods that can provoke a reaction. It’s a citrus, chocolate, fish, honey, eggs.

Rinse the nose with salt water

Sprays, containing only sea water, not cure, but help to endure unpleasant symptoms. They are expensive, but there is an alternative — a pharmacy saline. The analogue can be done by yourself, if you dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a liter of water.

But vasoconstrictors is better not to drip, if you don’t want to get dependent on them.


Hardening and a gradual adaptation to the cold will help only if you have rhinitis, that is cold. If the cold-responsive skin, do not scoff at her and leave the addiction to cold until better times.

At the same time, doctors say that Allergy to the cold is a serious problem to solve which is possible only by a General improvement of the body, hardening and properly selected cosmetics.

Long stay in the cold very few people have the pleasure, but there are people for whom walking in sub-zero temperatures is contraindicated. Allergic to the cold is not a myth but a serious problem which not only spoils the appearance and mood, but also affects General state of health, said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

“For those who suffer from cold Allergy, winter turns into torture. Physicians distinguish this type of Allergy in two types. First – skin. It appears itchy spots on hands and face, which appear even after a short stay in the frosty air. The second type of autonomic, disorders of thermoregulation of the body. Manifested, as a rule, such strong allergic prolonged headaches, pressure jumps, spasms of breathing,” says the doctor.

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If you notice these symptoms, immediately consult a specialist. As a rule, in the first case is recommended before leaving the house lubricate the problem areas of oily skin Allergy cream or lotion, the second — vegetative system require trained hardening, if no explicit contraindications.

In addition, not be amiss to take a multivitamin to strengthen the body’s defenses and review daily menus to include more fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries, advises Victoria Savitskaya.


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