Allah did not help: the epidemic in Iran began with mosques


Аллах не помог: эпидемия в Иране началась с мечетей

Despite the obvious facts, religious and political leaders of the country did not hurry to declare a quarantine, for which he paid

Today, the epidemic of the coronavirus more than others except China affected Iran. About what consequences it may pose for the country writes on the website of the Carnegie Moscow Center Maryam of Hamedi.

It is known that the virus in Iran was brought to the city of Qom, a local businessman, who returned to China, he became the first victim. Now on 593 cases of infection accounted for 43 death, that in 2 times more than in other countries, it roughly hovers around 3%. The probable reason for this – the actions of the authorities of the country. On February 21, was assigned to the parliamentary elections, with most candidates – conservative policy, in addition, are known to the General public. Because of that, fearing for the turnout, the authorities can hide information about the coronavirus.

In the end, the turnout was a record low for the entire history of the Islamic Republic – 42%, and if you subtract the public sector, and 25%. Then the authorities playfully piled it on the epidemic caused by the machinations of the West.


Curious who coronavirus in Iran spares neither ordinary citizens nor government. So, caught them Deputy health Minister Iraj of Hariri, Vice-President of Iran for women and family Mosuma Ebtekar, as well as some members of Parliament.

How could this be possible, if the higher officials of the guard in Iran is no less carefully than in Russia? The fact is that trying to calm people and prevent panic, the officials strongly demonstrated his alleged intimacy with the people… besides they first overreacted to the danger and closed the borders only when it was too late…

And religious leaders are not wise behaved: when the first cases they decided not to close the mosque, as people need to pray, but also a place where the magic happens. And quarantine in one of the religious cents of the country – Cooma, where, by the way, and went to the Iranian epidemic was not introduced until March 1. And then – partial.

This situation forced ordinary people tend to trust religious leaders, to look at the situation differently. How so – if the Holy Qom has become a real source of infection?! And also Ayatollah quietly sacrifice human lives. It becomes clear that the rejection of the basic measures and the reluctance to close the Shrine turns into a sort of collective suicide or intentional harm to others.

And that could lead to a schism even in this environment, the more that religious Iranians are in doubt about the adequacy of religious authorities.

While in Iran, already being run by volunteers from the young doctors and students of medical universities, some of them are already victims. They provide the people with masks, dust masks, and disinfectants. But doctors are not enough, and not only in villages but in cities.

Meanwhile, the potential of all employees transferred to remote work, and children have massively taken out of school before the holidays. The Iranians do not believe the official statistics, they believe that the authorities have lowered it at least three times. They prefer to rely only on themselves.


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