All of us one day will calculate the IP


Нас всех однажды вычислят по IP

Bad news, there is so much that if you were to list basic, it easily turns into hysteria. If you choose those that have a symbolic meaning, then I would have to start called the case of Dmitry Bogatov, a mathematician and programmer, who in April last year was arrested for incitement to terrorism.

Bogatov Russian law enforcement agencies in the literal sense of the word “calculated by IP”, as was the custom among adolescents several years ago. Within hours after his arrest all minimally versed in the Internet, it was clear that on a home computer Bogatova was the server Tor, and that the entry in the forum, in which he was accused, belongs to an unknown third party.

Bogatov, therefore, was judged not just for thoughtcrime — record online — but for thoughtcrime, he had nothing to do, except for those teenage methods of calculation used by the Russian investigators and their specific level of development.

From Bogatova immediately found an alibi, confirmed by surveillance cameras — he was not at home at the moment, when using the IP of his PC someone would write on the forum. Important notice: anyone who writes in the Internet, now you need an alibi. The use of Tor servers in Russia, too, is not a criminal offense, though in fact it is in all the criminality — all of us one day will calculate the IP.

On the second attempt (figured so poorly that even the first failed), the court Bogatova was arrested, and by July he spent in jail, losing a job. In the Tor community Bogatov became a star around the world were held actions in support of it. In July, he was sitting under house arrest, and now he was released on his own recognizance.

The case is still open, investigative actions are conducted. Calculate, I think. In other words, it is a pure sample: from the outset it was clear that the “investigation” primitive lime, and that is nothing but definitions IP specialists for combating extremism on the Internet do not know how. But this cannot be admitted, and that the Russian state will collapse. I think somewhere here is the secret of this Kingdom and it’s hidden.


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