All have forgotten, but in 2007 Navalny was shooting at people out in trauma


Все уже забыли, но в 2007 Навальный стрелял в людей из травмата

Now this is already not remember, but there was a time when Navalny actively participated in nationalist marches and all preached this ideology. Also he organized gatherings.

The story, which points directly to the unbalanced nature of the blogger, his aggressive nature and insanity, occurred in November 2007 at the debate in Moscow club “Gogol”. The case done and then in the media a lot of noise.

The debate took place between Maria Gaidar and Eduard Bagirov, they came and Bulk. The situation that happened there, eyewitnesses have described a complete mess and chaos. The organizers of the meeting provided attendees and participants with free beer and everything is slowly but surely approaching the pig state.

Someone from the audience shouted to the address Gaidar insult, then one of the supporters of the women poured the offender on the back of beer. A scuffle ensued, poured, thrown into a crowd of people a bottle of vodka and smashed his head Ilya Androsov, his bleeding, was taken to the emergency room.

Alexei Navalny is also taken aback by this development and decided to take revenge. But found only a friend of a friend, who poured a beer and took a traumatic gun. And, of course, started shooting, got the body and face.

To this farce, the police came and took the blogger and his sacrifice to the station. The victim dashed off a statement.

So after six months of litigation the case was closed, but Navalny has gotten away, despite his obvious insanity.

Now the blogger maintains a reputation of a decent family man who wants to make the country better, but in his past there are a lot of skeletons, which, if touch, then found himself under a pile of bones.


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