“Against the culture of the West”


"Против культуры Запада"

Kurgan diocese raises money for rifles, pistols and knives to the kids club

In the Urals Orthodox military-Patriotic airsoft club “Peresvet” on the blessing of Metropolitan and Kurgan-Belozersk Joseph is collecting donations for its development. Information about this is available on the diocesan website. And the project itself, describing the relevance of the activities of the club, and appeal to its financing on the electronic platform of support of social initiatives “Undertaking”.

Today Peresvet conducts classes in the premises of the Epiphany Cathedral of the Mound. “In the Orthodox club, children are offered an alternative to the established way of life in smartphones and televisions, when children and teenagers from hopelessness due to the fact that the parents employment or lack of available funds do not engage their diverse upbringing, spending its only the beginning of life in vain”, — stated in the message of the diocese.

The club are theoretical classes, tactical training, video classes. There is a range for shooting, 7 pieces of airsoft weapons, tent, masks. It is noted that the aim of the club is “the education of the boys and girls of these Orthodox patriots of their Motherland”, which in the majority “must make the only right decision — to stand up for their Faith and Fatherland.”

“Dear brothers and sisters! We should not stay aside, because that is how we will raise our children as we fight against the culture of the West, how are we going to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the younger generation, our future depends, the future of Orthodoxy, the future of our Country! Save you Christ!”— stated in the message of the diocese of Kurgan.

Only club “Peresvet” wants to collect 190 460 thousand rubles of donations for equipment and gear. On the platform of “Legacy” published a detailed plan-planned expenditure.

The money are going to spend 10 airsoft guns, SVD AEGwood, six airsoft guns, training knives, radio.

Club “Peresvet” started from October 18, 2017. He currently attends 31 people, children and adolescents from 9 to 17 years. The author of the project deacon Daniil Perminov notes that the idea of creation of military-Patriotic Orthodox club came to him “in the background of the contemporary challenge to Orthodox society.” And their activities “Peresvet” shows that the Russian Orthodox Church, if the need arises, “as well as everything will be on the protection of the Fatherland”.

On the fundraising site indicated that the introduction of 10 rubles benefactor can count on prayer on Sundays Yugsk akathist before the Miraculous icon of the virgin and entering their names in the book of the history of the club. Donating 10 thousand rubles, in addition to the above, we can hope for an invitation to the celebration of the club.


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