A pregnant resident of Florida shot the robber and saved the family


Беременная жительница Флориды застрелила грабителя и спасла семью

The rifle that was used during the mass murder in Colorado (AP)


Resident of of Lithium Florida, which is the eighth month of pregnancy, saved the life of her husband and daughter, shooting broke into their home robbers semiautomatic rifle AR-15.


As told journalists the head of the family, two men in masks and hoods, armed with pistols, broke into the house, where the family is king. They beat who was on the ground floor of her husband and pounced on 11-year-old girl demanding money or value.

The child’s mother, her name was not called, ran from the bedroom to the noise and saw what is happening, came back and grabbed the rifle were there, back out to the living room where shot one of the robbers – his corpse found in a nearby ditch, the police arrived on call to the scene.


The second attacker escaped and is wanted, said the Hillsborough County Sheriff who said that this family had a license to possession of a firearm.

Jeremy king, the husband of a brave woman, was hospitalized with multiple herbs – he has a broken nose and cheekbone and diagnosed with a concussion. The doctors had to put on his head twenty stitches and three staples.


“My wife saved my life” – these words Jeremy described the incident.



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