A former British official told where the stores found a UFO


Бывший британский чиновник рассказал, где хранятся найденные НЛО 20 years ago, he developed plans for countering the aliens.

Previously Nick Pope worked as a clerk in the government offices the UK, however, after leaving their posts, he became a ufologist. He considers it his duty to inform people about the antics of aliens, who, by the way, occur regularly.

Nick over twenty years of work managed to participate in some government investigations into aliens. Now a man can openly talk about what they saw.

The former official noted that the threat of an attack humanoids exist in reality. Nick has personally developed in 1991-1994 plans to neutralize the aliens.

The studies of the skin of the creature, the man says, the similarities in DNA with the animals of the earth. Therefore, humans can be some distant relatives.

The Pope also told journalists about the real UFO which is parked in the hangars of the authorities. The political elite in every way hide these things from people.

The former official doubted the conspiracy theory. It encourages scientists to think more about protecting the planet from alien invasion, and not to speculate on these or other topics.


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