14-day quarantine will bury British tourism alive


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to oblige people traveling to the UK to quarantine for 14 days has been criticized by the aviation sector. Budget fighter easyJet calls on the British government to keep the quarantine measures as short as possible. According to Heathrow Airport, a plan is needed to reopen the borders.

According to Johnson, the measures are necessary to prevent a second peak of the virus. The strict measures are, according to the complainants, a further blow to the sector that is already suffering from the crisis. Mandatory quarantine for fourteen days discourages people from traveling.

The aviation sector criticizes, among other things, the lack of clarity. For example, it is not known when rules were introduced and for how long they apply. It is also not clear whether measures are regularly reviewed.

EasyJet recommends that the rules be as short as possible and that the effect is regularly tested. According to Heathrow, international agreements are necessary so that travelers can travel to countries where there is a relatively low risk without any problems.

In April, Heathrow, usually the busiest airport in Europe, saw passenger traffic dry up by 97 percent. It is expected that even fewer people will travel because of the strict rules.


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